The very word “home” conjures up images that are synonymous with peace, comfort, safety and warmth. Home should be a cozy refuge and place of contentment, and no place better defines the home than its traditional center – the hearth and fireplace.

David’s love for fireplaces blossomed at an early age and, for over 30 years, designing and building them has been his passion. But being a highly skilled craftsman fulfilled only part of his quest for mastery. A true master of masonry requires knowledge as well; and to that end David researched ancient designs, absorbed the principles of pneumatics, and studied the history of the fireplace from prehistoric times to the present.

Clients always appreciate the expertise and passion that are evident in David’s precision work, which he executes within budget and on time. Call him today to share your needs and to obtain a quote for your custom fireplace, mantel, chimney, stove or hearth