Masonry Services in Charlotte, NC

portraitMason David McGee creates lasting value and beauty for astute architects, builders and homeowners. For three decades David has united old world craftsmanship with the timeless beauty of brick and stone architecture. Based in Charlotte, NC, David McGee works locally and internationally; his custom designs can accommodate any location or style.

David McGee grew up near historic Virginia, in a big old house with a fireplace that prompted his love of the flame and influenced him to become a mason.

Builder & Restorer of Rumford Fireplaces

David has extensive experience building and restoring Rumford fireplaces in fine homes all across America. While an apprentice, David had the opportunity to restore historic brick structures all across the state, but primarily in Richmond and Williamsburg, where he became fascinated with the way 18th century masons constructed fireplaces. He then began research which eventually led him to become an expert on the physics of the Rumford fireplace.

David is also currently listed with the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (A.P.V.A) as an expert in brick restoration, and has contracted extensively in both residential and commercial masonry.

Brick Masonry in Charlotte NC